Bojack Horsepod: The Bojack Horseman Story

S03E11: That‘s Too Much, Man!

September 14, 2021

Content Warning: This episode contains a lot of distressing topics, including addiction and overdose. If you're not up for hearing about that this week, please feel free to re-join us again next week. 

It's time for the episode we've been dreading for months: season 3, episode 11 of Bojack Horseman, "That's Too Much, Man!" We're joined by Matt Geoghegan (@mattyfresh24) to break down this truly excellent but also devastating episode. We also discuss Lindsay's resemblance to Daria, a surprising amount of math, and really get into whether Bojack is irredeemable. Also the audio isn't perfect this week but we've done our best!

Bojack Horsepod is a weekly (spoiler-free!) Bojack Horseman rewatch podcast hosted by Kirsten MacInnis and Lindsay Wilson. Get in touch with us at or on Twitter @bojackhorsepod

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